Addictive drugs

This section on addictive drugs describes some of the drugs that when abused, have the potential to lead to the development of the disease of addiction. The information serves to inform you about their appearance, effects and health risks. The Addictive Drugs section is divided into the following:

Risks with Drugs


Addiction test
آزمایش اعتیاد - تست اعتیاد - Addiction Test

Are you an addict?

Addicts family test
آزمایش اعضای خانواده معتادان - Addict's Family Test

Are you affected by addiction?

Enabling test
آزمایش حمایت ناسالم - Enabler Test

Are you an enabler?

Codependency test
آزمایش هم وابستگی - Codependency test

Are you affected by codependency?