Behavior Addictions

The term addiction has traditionally been used to describe dependence on substances like alcohol and drugs. Recently, though, a range of compulsive behaviors have been identified as forms of behavioral addiction. Behavioral science experts believe that any behavior or activity a person pursues obsessively and compulsively despite harm to themselves or loved ones may be defined as an addiction. This booklet provides an overview of behavioral addiction, specifically addressing some of the more prevalent ones. Its aim is to help raise your awareness on whether you are affected by these types of addictions.

 The Behavioral Addiction section is divided into the following:



Addiction test
آزمایش اعتیاد - تست اعتیاد - Addiction Test

Are you an addict?

Addicts family test
آزمایش اعضای خانواده معتادان - Addict's Family Test

Are you affected by addiction?

Enabling test
آزمایش حمایت ناسالم - Enabler Test

Are you an enabler?

Codependency test
آزمایش هم وابستگی - Codependency test

Are you affected by codependency?