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Disease of Addiction

  This booklet describes why substance addiction is scientifically proven to be a disease. It explains the ways in which prolonged drug abuse renders the mind and body abnormal and why once the disease of addiction has developed, the addict looses the power to control or stop taking drugs by self will alone. Though the information provided relates to substance addiction, it can also be helpful to those suffering from behavioural addictions. Our hope is that by providing you with information about various aspects of addiction, you will be able to recognize if you are suffering from this disease and what you can do recover from it.

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Newcomers to Recovery

  Many of us do not realize what it means to recover from addiction, believing it is just about stopping the drugs and or alcohol. But in view of the incurable and chronic condition we suffer from, in order for recovery to be successful all aspects of our lives has to be taken into account. Based on the principles of 12 step programs, this booklet offers some suggestions to help you use recovery tools and principles that can support and motivate you towards this major step in your life, namely, recovery from addiction.

Recovery 12 Step

Recovery 12 Steps

  The Recovery 12 Steps booklet is primarily aimed at addicts who want to recover with 12 Step programs. The information can also be useful to anyone interested in learning about this approach towards recovery. Although the word drug is used in most cases, it can be replaced by any substance or behaviour that constitutes addiction because the approach towards recovery follows the same principles and pattern in all 12 Step programs.

Anonymous fellowships

Anonymous Fellowships

  This booklet provides an overview of 12 Steps anonymous Fellowships. It describes how they are an indispensable source of support for addicts wishing to get clean and maintain their recovery. Though the information provided is primarily aimed at those new to Anonymous Fellowships, it can also be helpful to addicts in recovery wishing to enhance their growth in recovery.

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  Sponsorship is when an experienced member of a particular Fellowship guides another addict through the 12 Steps and supports him or her in their journey towards recovery. This booklet provides information on the concept and purpose of sponsorship so that you may best benefit from this indispensable support system that is freely offered in all anonymous Fellowships.

Addiction relapse


  Relapse, which is a common occurrence amongst addicts in recovery, is defined as a return to addiction after a period of abstinence and recovery. This booklet describes why and how a relapse typically occurs so that you may become aware of its warning signs and use Fellowship and 12 Step recovery tools to prevent one from happening.

Addicts Family

Addict’s Family

The booklet on Addicts Family members explains why addiction is a disease that adversely affects the family as a whole. It provides you with suggestions on how to effectively help your addicted loved ones and how to recover yourself.

12 Step Facilitation

12 Steps Facilitation

  12 Steps Study Groups offer addicts an opportunity to work through the 12 Steps in a systematic way in a group setting and with the guidance of facilitators. They are based on the 12 Steps of a particular Fellowship and offer addicts the means to gain a working knowledge of the solution towards recovery. The 12 Step facilitation booklet is aimed at addicts in recovery wishing to facilitate such a group and it provides step-by-step suggestions on how to start and conduct one. The information provided is generic and so can be useful and adapted to conduct any 12 Steps oriented Study Group.  

Risks with drugs

Risks with Drugs

  People take drugs for a variety of reasons, be it out of curiosity, for social or medical purposes. But there are categories of drugs that when abused have a higher risk of developing into the disease of addiction. The booklet on Risks with Drugs describes some of these health risks associated with using drugs so that you may become aware of how you may be endangering your health and your life.

Addiction test
آزمایش اعتیاد - تست اعتیاد - Addiction Test

Are you an addict?

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آزمایش اعضای خانواده معتادان - Addict's Family Test

Are you affected by addiction?

Enabling test
آزمایش حمایت ناسالم - Enabler Test

Are you an enabler?

Codependency test
آزمایش هم وابستگی - Codependency test

Are you affected by codependency?