Family Fellowships


Family Fellowships are for friends or family members whose lives have become effected as a result of a loved one’s addiction – be it to substance or behaviour. Below are descriptions of some of the major family support Fellowships that offer a program of recovery and support so as to help you find out which one suits your needs and can best support you towards recovery.

For website and contact information including details of Farsi speaking meetings of these Fellowships, please refer to: Farsi Meetings

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Addiction test
آزمایش اعتیاد - تست اعتیاد - Addiction Test

Are you an addict?

Addicts family test
آزمایش اعضای خانواده معتادان - Addict's Family Test

Are you affected by addiction?

Enabling test
آزمایش حمایت ناسالم - Enabler Test

Are you an enabler?

Codependency test
آزمایش هم وابستگی - Codependency test

Are you affected by codependency?