12 Step sponsorship agreement



7- 12 Step Sponsorship Agreement


Based on the material in the Sponsorship Relationship, sponsorship agreement provides a sample for an agreement between a sponsor and sponee that will help them establish a purpose driven and effective working relationship. This Sponsorship Agreement can get adapted according to each other’s criteria and needs.


  • Principles to establish
  • Practicalities to establish
  • 12 Steps schedule


The Sponsorship Agreement provides you with suggested guidelines that aim to help you start a solid working relationship with your sponsee, including establishing ground rules. At your first meeting with your sponsee it is a good idea to go over the points described below and discuss your respective understanding of each. Adapt these guidelines to fit your style, choosing what works best for both of you. Even if this process seems a bit formal, it serves a good purpose.  As is the case with any new relationship it is better to start off knowing what each party expects and what is expected of each party. This will help to ensure a long-lasting relationship and head off disappointments and hurt feelings. You will see how you will both benefit in terms of working the 12 Step and growing in recovery.


  • Please note that these points are merely suggestions based on what has worked for some of us and not anonymous Fellowship rules on sponsorship.
  • Click here for the WORD version of sponsorship agreement to adapt according to your personal preferences click here:  Download Word Document - Hamrah


12 Step Sponsorship agreement


Principles to establish

Discuss the points below with your potential sponsee so that you can come to a mutual understanding of the principles your relationship will be based upon before committing to work with each other.


1. Willing to go to any length

1) Are you willing to go to any length to recover from your disease of addiction?

2) What are the measures you are willing to take and what are you willing to give up in order to recover?

3) Describe what willingness to go to any length means to you.


2. Commitment to Recovery

1) Are you willing to make a commitment to make recovery the number one priority in your life?

2) Are you willing to put in the work required to recover?

3) Describe what this commitment means to you.  For instance, to avoid entering into a new romantic relationship, not get that divorce right now, not move homes, not take that trip abroad, etc.


3. Work the 12 Step

1) Do you have an understanding of my role and limitations as a sponsor?

2) Are you willing to work your 12 Steps with my guidance and support?


4. Confidentiality & Trust

1) Shall we make a pledge to each other that we shall keep each other’s confidence in this relationship?

2) Discuss any exceptions or limitations.


5. Mutual Honesty

1) Shall we make a commitment to be honest with one another in this relationship?

2) Discuss why the practise of this principle is important in the recovery process and how to handle cases when information is better shared with someone else.


6. Spirituality

1) Discuss with your potential sponsee the spiritual aspect of 12 Step recovery programs and any misunderstanding they may have about the concept of God.

2) Discuss your role and limitations as a sponsor and your commitment to support them in their journey towards recovery and their God.



Practicalities to establish

Having come to an understanding of the principles discussed above with your potential sponsee, it may also be a good idea to cover some ground rules on the practical aspects of sponsorship.


1. Trial Period

1) Shall we agree on a trail period and then decide if we are compatible and like working with each other?

2) Decide how long your trial period should be or how many Steps you will work on as part of the trial period.

2. Sponsor Contact

1) Shall we agree on a convenient time for you to call me on a regular basis to talk about recovery issues?

2) Will you make a commitment to call me anytime if you are about to relapse?


3. Sponsor Availability

1) Shall we agree on a regular time and place to meet to specifically work on the Steps?



12 Steps working schedule

To increase your effectiveness as a sponsor and keep the focus of this relationship on its primary purpose, it may be a good idea to create a rough schedule of which Step or activity you will work on with your sponsee at your face-to-face meetings. 


1) Depending on the Fellowship and the 12 Step program you will be working with your sponsee, create a rough schedule of the activities and the Steps you would like to work through in a systematic order.

2) Provide a copy of this to your sponsee so that they will know what is expected of them in terms of work and as a way of keeping them focused on their recovery.


Refer to the 12 Step Sponsorship Relationship for ideas on how to create a 12 Step schedule.

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