Addicts family test

Addict’s Family


2- Addict’s Family Test


To find out whether a loved one’s addiction has impacted your lives, take this family test. Answering yes to the majority of these questions indicates how the disease of addiction has affected your lives.


1- Are you putting all your energy into controlling the situation in the home by trying to stop your family member from using drugs?  


2- Do you find yourself constantly focused on the addict in the family and how they are conducting their lives?  


3- Do you feel guilty believing your behavior or actions in the past or present has somehow turned your family member into an addict?  


4- Is the addict in your family leading you to think you are the cause and are to be blamed for their condition?  


5- Do you feel ashamed to have an addict in your family and do you minimize the severity of the problem – or deny it outright?  


6- Do you isolate yourself from friends and community in order to keep your family member’s addiction a secret?  


7- Do you make excuses for their behaviors to others or try to solve or cover up their problems?  


8- Are you confused and exhausted because of their lies and manipulations?  


9- Are you tired, nervous or depressed from the strain of living with someone whose behavior is erratic and unpredictable?  


10- Do you worry daily about the harm that may befall the addict?  


11- Is the quality of your daily life dependent on how they are feeling and behaving each day?  


12- As a consequence of your family member’s addiction, have you let your own affairs slip to the point where life is unmanageable?    



Addicts Family Test

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Addicts family test
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