Gambling addiction test


2- Gambling Addiction Test


This gambling addiction test aims to help you determine whether you have lost the power of choice or control over your gambling behavior. In general, the test is designed to help shed light on your gambling so that you may determine whether you are affected by this type of behavior addiction. These questions are based on the circumstances and problems that have confronted many admitted pathological gamblers.



1- Do you frequently continue to gamble until you have no more money?


2- Do you contemplate gambling immediately after losing to win back your losses?


3- Have you ever taken a loan to finance your gambling?


4- Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act to finance gambling?


5- Have you ever sold your belongings to finance gambling?


6- Did you often gamble until all your money was gone?


7- Have you ever gambled with the hope to raise money to pay bills or solve financial troubles?


8- Do you believe the winnings of your gambling will relieve you of all your life problems?


9- Have you family members or friends suffered as a result of your gambling behavior?


10- Have you ever missed time from work or school due to your gambling?


11- Have you ever gambled as a means to deal with your anxiety or problems?


12- Has your gambling affected your reputation and stance in your community?


13- When you get aggravated or stressed, do you have an urge to gamble?


14- Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?


15- After gambling, have you ever thought about harming yourself?


16- Have you had thoughts of suicide as a result of your gambling?


17- Have you lost the power to stop or control your gambling behavior?


18- Has your life become unmanageable as a result of your gambling?



Notice: This questionnaire simply aims to help raise your awareness about the nature of your gambling behavior. If you find yourself answering yes to even a couple of these questions, you might want to take a hard look at the way you gamble. Answering yes to five or more of these questions may indicate you are suffering  from a gambling addiction. The test makes no claim to clinical or scientific certitude and is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis.






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