Goals 12 Steps

Recovery 12 Steps


5- Goals 12 Steps


The 12 Steps have a precise goal which is to produce an effective recovery from the disease of addiction. The diagram illustrated in this page, show how each Step provides us addicts in recovery with the tools necessary to stay clean and in daily recovery.


  • Each of the Steps has a specific purpose. When we work a Step, two things occur: we benefit from the wisdom and change embodied in that Step, and we are made ready to work the Step that follows. There is a proven logic behind their structure. It is therefore important to work the Steps in order and not jump around or choose to work only those that at first appeal to us.
  • After working Step 1, we feel so relieved, so elated that we feel we should right away share this great discovery. We want to carry the message of recovery to others – in other words, start working Step 12. Although this is admirable – and also signifies our readiness for change in our attitude towards life, – at this early stage it is better to focus on working our own Steps. We need to learn what is in those Steps to process our recovery and to heal first. Experience has shown that if we work the Steps in order we are less likely to relapse. Working the Steps one after the other will also help us avoid the other pitfalls of early recovery, such as becoming egocentric or controlling, or falling prey to another addiction such as co-dependency or compulsive helping. It is also more beneficial for those we might help, because it is only by working the Steps that we will understand what the message of recovery is and be able to carry it to others.
  • Remember that Step 12 Steps states, “ … as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message….” There is also a difference between helping others, such as supporting other members of our group — which is great for preventing our own relapse — and carrying the message, which is sharing with another our working experience of the 12 Steps.


The table goals 12 Steps illustrates how the Steps are structured and the goals each aims to achieve.


Goals 12 Steps

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