Introduction 12 Step Facilitation

12 Steps Facilitation


1- Introduction 12 Step Facilitation


12 Step facilitation groups offer addicts an opportunity to work through the Steps in a systematic way in a group setting and with the guidance of facilitators. They are based on the 12 Steps of a particular Fellowship and offer addicts the means to gain a working knowledge of the solution towards recovery. The 12 Step facilitation section is aimed at Farsi speaking and or Iranian addicts in recovery wishing to facilitate such a group and it provides step-by-step suggestions on how to start and conduct one. The information provided is generic and so can be adapted to conduct 12 Step Study Groups for any of the anonymous Fellowships.


  • As there are many of Iranian and or Farsi speaking addicts still suffering due to ignorance of the 12 Step, 12 Step facilitation groups provide a great opportunity to learn and work them towards the solution to our recovery. This method of working through the 12 Steps can be especially valuable to addicts who due to living in a foreign country cannot easily find a sponsor. There are also many of us in recovery who would welcome an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the Steps by participating in a 12 Step group.
  • If you are an addict in recovery who has a good working knowledge of the 12 Steps of a specific Fellowship, why not start a 12 Step group. With today’s technology, you can even conduct one simply online. Although 12 Step facilitation groups are not affiliated and are separate from 12 Step Fellowships, they act in terms of gratitude and service a great way “to carry the message” of recovery to others.
  • If you wish to facilitate a 12 Step group but don’t know how to go about it, this booklet will show you how. Information is provided that systematically guides you through the procedures involved in starting and conducting such a Group, irrelevant of the Steps of the Fellowship you want to base it upon. The information provided acts as a template from which you can simply take ideas and or adapt for the making of your own 12 Step group.
  • Note too that there are no rules on how to conduct a 12 Step group. All material offered here is based on suggestions; things that has helped some of us conduct an effective and successful Step Study Group.


The 12 Step facilitation section is divided into the following:

introduction to 12 Step Facilitation - 12 Step study groups 

2- What are 12 Step groups

This page provides facilitators with an overview of 12 Step Study Groups to help them understand their purpose and how they are structured.


3- Pros and Cons of 12 Step groups

This page describes the advantages and limitations of working the 12 Steps in a Step Study Group setting. The information can also be beneficial for potential group participants to help with their decision to join such a group.


4- Start 12 Step group 

This page describes the things facilitators need to do in order to start a 12 Step Study Group.


5- Conduct 12 Step group

This page provides facilitators with step-by-step suggestions on how to structure and conduct a 12 Step Study Group.


6- 12 Step facilitators guidelines

This page provides some guidelines that will help keep you unified as a team of facilitators. In addition some guidelines are offered to help you conduct your 12 Step Study Group more effectively.


7- 12 Step group rules

A 12 Step Study Group has rules that must be observed by its participants to enable it to fulfill its objective and function effectively. This page offers some membership and group rules to help keep your 12 Step study Group unified.


8- 12 Step weekly schedule

For a 12 Step Study Group to run smoothly, facilitators need to have a weekly schedule. This is so that you can plan what steps and material you want to cover on a weekly basis for the duration of your 12 Step Study Group. Also included are two sample weekly schedules, one based on the 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous and the other on Alcoholics Anonymous as examples for your use or inspiration.


9- 12 Step session format

This page provides facilitators with a sample format on how to conduct an hour and a half long 12 Step Study Group session.


10- 12 Step group logistics

This page provides facilitators with suggestions on how to find a suitable venue, pay the rent and raise awareness of your upcoming 12 Step Study Group.


11- 12 Step group Initiation meetings

Prior to the start of a 12 Step Study Group, facilitators need to hold a couple of initiation meetings. These meetings aim to raise awareness of your upcoming 12 Step Study Group and inform potential participants about its set up and criteria’s. Also included a sample format on how to conduct an hour and half initiation meeting.


12- 12 Step group worksheets

Based on the material presented in this booklet, here you will find some of its pages in Word version to adapt according to your 12 Step Study Group’s needs and preferences.



  • Please do not promote your 12 Step group in any anonymous Fellowship meetings. 12 Step groups are separate entities and should not be affiliated in any way with any Fellowship. Promoting your 12 Step group in a Fellowship meeting contradicts Tradition 6 and may cause harm to both parties.
  • The information provided are not rules on how to conduct a 12 Step group but rather experience and suggestions, which has helped some us facilitate an effective group. Please take from it what you like and leave the rest behind.




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