Introduction 12 Step Sponsorship



1- Introduction 12 Step Sponsorship


Sponsorship is when an experienced member of a particular Fellowship guides another addict through the 12 Steps and supports him or her in their journey towards recovery. This section provides information on the concept and purpose of sponsorship so that you may best benefit from this indispensable support system that is freely offered in all anonymous Fellowships.

The 12 Step sponsorship section is divided into the following:

introduction 12 Step sponsorship


2- What is 12 Step sponsorship

Sponsorship is an indispensable support system freely offered in 12 Step anonymous Fellowships, and it takes the shape of one addict in recovery helping another towards working the 12 Steps and recovery. This introduces you to the concept of sponsorship and provides information on how this relationship can support you towards your recovery from addiction.


3- 12 Step sponsee suggestions

For many of us finding a sponsor to guide us through the 12 Steps can mean the difference between recovery and a life of addiction. This page provides you with suggestions on how to find a sponsor who can effectively support and guide you towards recovery.


4- Why 12 Step sponsor

Sponsorship is the principle way the message of recovery is carried to suffering addicts in anonymous Fellowships. As sponsors we do this to maintain and grow in our recovery. We also act as sponsors to show our gratitude to the Fellowship, which freely helped us when we needed it. This page provides you with information on how sponsoring others can help your recovery.


5- 12 Step Sponsor suggestions

Having learned how sponsorship can help your recovery, this page provides some suggestions for increasing your effectiveness as a sponsor in 12 Steps anonymous Fellowships.


6- Sponsorship relationship

This page provides you with suggestions on how to establish a healthy and effective sponsorship relationship. When the sponsor and the sponsee come to an understanding of their expectations and responsibilities towards one another, there is a greater chance for this relationship to be focused on its primary purpose, which is recovery from addiction.


7- Sponsorship agreement

Based on the material in the Sponsorship Relationship, this page provides a sample for an agreement between a sponsor and sponsee that will help them establish a purpose driven and effective working relationship. This Sponsorship Agreement can get adapted according to each other’s criteria and needs.


8- 12 Step Co-sponsorship

Finding a sponsor may sometimes be difficult, especially for those living abroad and looking for a sponsor who can speak their native language. But there is another way to work through the 12 Steps called co-sponsorship. Though not traditional this method can be a feasible alternative. In co-sponsorship, two or more addicts new to recovery join together to work the 12 Steps and support each other towards recovery. This page provides some information and suggestions on how to find and work the program with a co-sponsor.


9- Benefits of 12 Step sponsorship

A poem by Sam Shoemaker, a prominent and highly esteemed contributor to the founding principles of the 12 Steps. Here he describes the spiritual essence for helping our fellow suffering addicts towards recovery.



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