Introduction to Addiction Relapse



1- Introduction Addiction Relapse


Addiction relapse, which is a common occurrence among addicts in recovery, is defined as a return to addiction after a period of abstinence and recovery. This section describes why and how a relapse typically occurs so that you may become aware of its warning signs and use Fellowship and 12 Steps recovery tools to prevent one from happening.


The Addiction relapse section is divided into the following:

Introduction addiction relapse 

2- Why addicts relapse

The disease of addiction is known as a chronic and relapsing condition. This page describes how addicts relapse and how the nature of this disease makes addicts in recovery vulnerable to using drugs again.


3- Process of relapse

This page describes why addiction relapse is a process that typically goes through three key phases. Knowledge of this information aims to raise your awareness of where you may be in this process, so that you can use recovery tools to prevent yourself from falling prey to addiction again.


4- Steps of relapse

Based on research evidence, this page provides you with information on the common changes that happen in our attitudes, feelings and behaviors before we finally get to a place where we think we have no choice but to use drugs again.


5- Relapse Warning signs

This page provides a list of warning signs that commonly lead addicts in recovery into a addiction relapse. By recognizing these signs you will have a better chance to guard yourself against a relapse.


6- Relapse Prevention tools

This page offers a list of general suggestions on how to use the support of your fellowship and apply recovery tools and principles to help you maintain your recovery.


7- Relapse Prevention plan

Having learned that relapse is a process and the factors that commonly lead to it, this page provides you with information on how to create a personal relapse prevention plan. By answering the questions posed here, you can identify the signs and the pitfalls that have the potential to lead to your relapse.


8- Actions After a Relapse

So you relapsed. What is your choice to be? You can view it as a learning experience and grow from it or you can view it as a failure and continue using drugs. Many of us forget that we have a choice after a relapse. In this page you will find suggestions for what to do after a relapse to get yourself back on the recovery path.


9- Letter from addiction

This is an imagined letter from the disease of addiction to us addicts in recovery. It serves as a sharp reminder of the cunning, baffling and powerful nature of our disease, which wants to sabotage our recovery. If you are ever tempted to use drugs again, read this letter first!


Bear in mind: the information provided in this section specifically relates to the phases of a relapse for substance addiction. Yet the information can be also useful for people suffering from behavioral addictions. As far as the process of relapse is concerned for any type of addiction, the emotional, mental and physical phases we go through are very similar in principle.




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