Introduction behavioral addiction


1- Introduction Behavioral Addiction


This section provides an overview of behavioral addiction; it explains the general process and common symptoms manifested in all these types of addictions. In addition information is provided on 12 Step programs and Fellowships that have been proven to be one of the most effective approaches towards recovery from behavioral addictions.


The section Overview of behavioral addictions is divided into the following:

 Overview Behavioral Addictions - What is behavior addiction


2. Behavioral addiction definition

Behavioral addictions, like substance addictions, are real and wreak havoc in the lives of sufferers. These types of addictions develop from compulsive and unhealthy preoccupations with such things as gambling, love, sex or food. As with addiction to substances, behavioral addiction is a family disease, affecting those close to the addict. This section provides a general overview of behavioral addictions, which are being recognized by the scientific community as prevalent and as destructive as substance addictions.


3. Process of behavioral addictions

Behavioral addictions turn what is generally a normal and healthy activity into something obsessive and destructive. Those suffering from any kind of behavioral addiction, be it work, food or codependency, have entered into a vicious cycle of self-loathing, remorse, and denial. They are compelled to repeat self-destructive behavior, while at the same time operating under the illusion that they have the power to solve their problem themselves, with willpower alone.


4. Signs & symptoms behavioral addictions

There are signs and symptoms that indicate the existence of a behavioral addiction regardless of the type the addiction has manifested itself. This article describes the most prevalent symptoms commonly experienced in people suffering from behavioral addictions.


5. Recovery behavioral addiction

Recovery from behavioral addictions is possible but may not be as straightforward as recovery from substance addictions. Behaviors such as eating, work or sex are a natural part of life, and a person addicted to them cannot be expected to totally abstain from them. Instead, someone who has turned the behavior into something addictive and compulsive will need to apply a program of recovery in order to continue with these activities in a healthy manner. This article explains the challenges of recovering from behavioral addictions and describes one of the most effective approaches towards that recovery.


6. 12 Step behavioral addiction

This page provides an overview of how the 12 Steps constitute a program of recovery from behavioral addictions, regardless of the specific type of problematic behavior. Each Step is defined along with its underlying principle, its goals, and the tools it offers the addict to live life free from addiction on a daily basis.




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