Introduction Newcomers to Recovery

Newcomers to Recovery


1- Introduction Newcomers to Recovery


The booklet Newcomers to recovery provides information and practical suggestions based on the principles of 12 Step programs and Fellowships to help you become free from addiction and maintain your recovery. The Newcomers to Recovery booklet is divided into the following:  

newcomers to recovery


2- Early days recovery

Many of us do not realize what it means to recover from addiction, believing it is just about stopping the drugs and or alcohol. But in view of the incurable and chronic condition we suffer from, in order for recovery to be successful all aspects of our lives has to be taken into account. Based on the principles of 12 step programs, this page offers some suggestions to help you use recovery tools and principles that can support and motivate you towards this major step in your life, namely, recovery from addiction.


3- Drug detox & withdrawals

Many of us suffer from withdrawal symptoms in the early days when we are coming off drugs. This page provides suggestions on how to cope with these painful symptoms so that they don’t deter you from your resolve to get clean and achieve recovery.


4- Recovery needs 

As we start our journey in recovery, our priorities change dramatically. We realize we must put our recovery needs above everything else in our life if we are to stay clean and live free of addiction. This page provides you with some practical suggestions that aim at keeping your focus on your daily recovery needs as well as tips on things best avoided to prevent a relapse. Also included is a sample weekly schedule, which serves as an example on how you can keep your recovery as a priority in your new way of life.


5- Recovery suggestion

This page provides you with information on some key tools of recovery as suggested and practiced in 12 Step anonymous Fellowships. Knowledge and daily practice of these slogans or suggestions will help you ward off relapse to maintain your recovery.




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