Introduction recovery 12 Steps

Recovery 12 Steps


1- Introduction Recovery 12 Steps


The Recovery 12 Steps section is primarily aimed at addicts who want to recover with 12 Step programs. The information can also be useful to professionals interested in learning about this approach towards recovery so as to support their Farsi speaking clients. Although the word drug is used in most cases, it can be replaced by any substance or behavior that constitutes addiction because the approach towards recovery follows the same principles and pattern in all 12 Step programs.


To explain the various aspects of recovery with the 12 Steps, this section is divided into the following:

 introduction recovery 12 Steps


2- What is addiction recovery

Not many of us addicts understand what it means to recover from the disease of addiction, or we mistakenly believe it is simply about stopping our drug use. But for recovery to be successful, it should address many aspects of our lives. This page provides a brief description of what constitutes an effective and successful recovery from any kind of addiction.


3- 12 Step program

The 12 Steps have proven to be the most effective method of recovery from addiction. They provide – at no cost — a simple and effective daily program that addresses all the aspects of this multifaceted disease. This page provides an overview of the 12 Steps so that you can decide whether you want to recover using this program.


4- Addiction recovery plan

This page describes the general plan of recovery common to all 12 Step programs. It is designed to help you see how following the actions suggested in each Step can bring about change and lead to a serene life free from addiction.


5- Goals 12 Steps 

The 12 Steps have a precise goal which is to produce an effective recovery from the disease of addiction. The diagrams illustrated in this page, show how each Step provides us with the tools necessary to stay clean and in daily recovery.


6- Spiritual principles

This page provides diagrams that show how the spiritual principles of each Step aim to produce a change in us that will lead not only to recovery from our addiction but also to a peaceful and serene life.


7- Recovery promises

The 12 Steps first of all provide us with a program of recovery from our addiction. But beyond that they offer tools to live a life exceeding our wildest dreams, a life in harmony with ourselves, others, and a God of our understanding. The Steps are often referred to as “a design for living that works”. Here is an overview of some of the promises that can come true for us if we work this program of action.


8- Foundations 12 Steps

This page provides information on the history of the 12 Steps — why they were created and their original aim. Knowing how the Steps came to be can help us understand the background of all 12 Step programs.




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