Introduction risks with drugs

Risks with Drugs


1- Introduction Risks with Drugs


People take drugs for a variety of reasons, be it out of curiosity, for social or medical purposes. But there are categories of drugs that when abused have a higher risk of developing into the disease of addiction. This section aims to raise your awareness about such drugs and health risks associated with them.


The section Risks with Drugs is divided into the following:

Addictive drugs - Risks with drugs - overdose


2- Drugs & diseases

Drug users are at higher risk of dying from infections and diseases such as HIV and other blood-borne viruses. This page describes some of these disease and infections to raise your awareness on how you may be endangering your health by taking drugs.


3- Drug injection

There is no completely safe way to injecting drugs. Injecting a drug, rather than smoking, swallowing or snorting it carries a much greater risk of overdose, vein damage and infections. This page describes some of the health risks associated with injecting drugs.


4- Drug overdose

Overdose is a common occurrence among drug users especially for those who inject or use combination drugs. This page provides you with information about the risks of overdose and what to do in case someone close to you is having one.



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