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3- Types of Fellowships


There are three types of 12 Fellowships offering support and a program of recovery to those affected by the disease of addiction. Here information is provided to help you understand what kind of addiction each type of Fellowship targets.


There are three general categories of 12 Steps anonymous Fellowships: those that deal with substances, compulsive behaviours, and friends and family affected by someone else’s addiction. All anonymous Fellowships broadly follow the same structural guidelines and recovery in them is based on the 12 Steps. Because anonymous Fellowships are based on the ability of their members to identify with each other’s problem, Fellowships have been created to deal with the many varieties of substance and behavioural addictions. For instance, those of us who have abused drugs will find a Fellowship like Narcotics Anonymous most effective, because it is there that that we will see and hear people with experiences much like our own. Similarly, people who have compulsions around food or sex will find recovery in the Fellowships devoted to those problems.

Unfortunately for some of us, the disease of addiction may manifest itself in many areas of our lives. We may be addicted to various things, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, or food. In this case we need to participate in more than one Fellowship and work our 12 Steps according to each of our addictions.


The three types fellowships are:

Types of Fellowships - Anonymous fellowships


1. Substance Fellowships

These are Fellowships for people whose primary addiction is with a mind or mood altering substance, such as alcohol and drugs. Fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, etc. deal with specific substances that have become a major problem in our lives.


2. Behavior Fellowships

These are Fellowships for people whose primary addiction is with compulsive and destructive behaviours. These Fellowships include Overeaters Anonymous, Sex and Love Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Co-dependency Anonymous, etc.


3. Family and Friends Fellowships

These are Fellowships for people whose lives have become affected as a result of a loved one’s addiction. These Fellowships include Al-Anon, for family and friends of alcoholics; Nar-Anon, for family and friends of addicts; and Alateen, for children of alcoholics, and so on.


For information on the primary purpose of various major 12 Steps anonymous Fellowships according to their type, please refer to: Fellowship Directory

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